CryptocurrencyBitcoin Was Made For This

Bitcoin Was Made For This

Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention was made to be apolitical.

It was made for users to avoid being held monetary hostage to rulers who didn’t approve of their transactions or their political defiance. Its existence means that despicable dictators can’t take funds from you or stop you from transacting over its apolitical payment rails.

Flashy words like “uncensorable” and “without a trusted third party” might not mean much to rule-abiding Westerners who have never had their accounts seized, their payments blocked, or their assets sanctioned. For some of the millions of people living under questionable regimes worldwide, the lifeline that Bitcoin provided has been the difference between life and death, survival and starvation. The ability to get out, and to avoid the controls that rulers place on you, was always Bitcoin’s greatest promise.

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