TechnologyEA says the Dead Space remake will be released...

EA says the Dead Space remake will be released in early 2023

EA announced an early 2023 “arrival window” for the next-gen remake of its survival horror hit Dead Space on Friday. The announcement was made as part of a developer livestream focused largely on the game’s audio.

EA first announced the remake in July, but at the time, didn’t say when it might be released. However, it did share that the game would be “rebuilt from the ground up” and developed by Motive, who might be best known for its work developing Star Wars: Squadrons. Motive shared a few more details in a livestream last year, including that actor Gunner Wright will return to voice protagonist Isaac Clarke (even though Clarke was a silent protagonist in the original game) and that there will be no microtransactions.

It seems we still have a long time to wait until we can play the Dead Space remake for ourselves, but we at least now have the “early 2023” release window to look forward to. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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