EntertainmentWatch Rock God Hans Zimmer Perform The Dune Score...

Watch Rock God Hans Zimmer Perform The Dune Score Live

First of all, I love the film scenes projected onto these musicians. Second, I love the fact that Cotler is wearing something reminiscent of Lady Jessica’s (Rebecca Ferguson) rust-colored outfit when she arrived on Arrakis. There are some vocals in soundtracks that I sort of heard in the background, and I never really imagine what the singers are like. It just melds into the soundscape, as it should. Now that I’ve seen the performers though, I want more! As a former singer and cello player (not electric cello because I’m just not cool enough for that), I’m just in awe! 

The second part of the “Dune” saga is due out (as of this writing) on October 20, 2023, and it hurts me to know how far away that is. I guess I will just be listening to the soundtrack for the first part on repeat for the next year and a half.

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