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Samantha Morton Will Return As Alpha In Tales Of The Walking Dead

Alpha’s grisly fate in “The Walking Dead” would, of course, make it necessary for her episode of “Tales of the Walking Dead” to be some sort of prequel, set before the events of her final appearance. In season 10, episode 12 of “The Walking Dead,” Jeffrey Morgan’s character, Negan, slit Alpha’s throat and decapitated her before toting her zombified head back to Carol (Melissa McBride).

Speaking of Negan and Carol, their adventures will continue beyond the main “Walking Dead” series, as well. Negan will appear in “Isle of the Dead” with Maggie (Lauren Cohen), whose husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun), he famously killed with his signature spiked bat. Carol, meanwhile, will appear in an as-yet-untitled spin-off with Daryl (Norman Reedus.)

On TV, “The Walking Dead” franchise now encompasses those three shows, along with the ongoing spin-off, “Fear the Walking Dead,” the comparatively short-lived “The Walking Dead: The World Beyond,” and “Tales of the Walking Dead.”

“Tales of the Walking Dead” is coming to AMC and AMC+ this summer.

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