EntertainmentMorbius Director Addresses That Post-Credits Team-Up Tease

Morbius Director Addresses That Post-Credits Team-Up Tease

In the first post-credits scene, a purple portal has appeared over New York City. This is, of course, the multiverse breaking open from the spell that Doctor Strange casts to make sure no one remembers who Peter Parker is in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Adrian Toomes (the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, who was the main antagonist of “Spider-Man: Homecoming“), then suddenly appears in a jail in New York, having slipped through a crack in the multiverse and into Morbius’ world during the turbulence of the spell. Interestingly, Vulture still knows who Peter Parker is, something that the spell was designed to make people forget. I am no wizard though, so who am I to say how spells work?

Toomes says something like, “Hope the food here’s better than the other joint.” I mean, sure Food is probably not the first thing I would think about after being transported into another universe, but perhaps that’s just me. We hear on a television broadcast that Toomes will be released from prison since, of course, no one here knows who he is or what he did.

In the second scene, Morbius is driving in the desert where he meets up with Toomes, who is wearing a brand new Vulture suit. Apparently Toomes thinks Spider-Man is responsible … which he kind of is, but I have no idea how Toomes would know that, or if he’s just venting his rage at the kid who put him in jail. Toomes then suggests to Morbius and a few other guys team up to “do some good” — those other guys potentially including Kraven the Hunter, who is set to be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in another upcoming Marvel movie — which, like “Venom” and “Morbius,” will be under the purview of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, rather than being a Marvel Studios MCU movie.

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