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Biden Blasts Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, And Other Senate GOP For Vile Attacks On Judge Jackson

President Biden didn’t forget what Senate Republicans like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz did to his Supreme Court nominee at Judge Jackson’s confirmation celebration.

Video of President Biden:

Biden said, “I knew the person I nominated would be put through a painful and difficult confirmation process, but I have to tell you what Judge Jackson was put through was well beyond that. It was verbal abuse. The anger. The constant interruptions. The most vile, baseless assertions and accusations. In the face of it all, Judge Jackson showed incredible character and integrity she possesses. Poise. Poise and composure. Patience and restraint. And, yes, perseverance and even joy. Even joy. Judge, you are the very definition of what we Irish referred to as dignity.”

Later in his remarks, Biden thanked Republican Sens. Collins, Murkowski, and Romney by name for voting to confirm Judge Jackson.

President Biden wasn’t going to forget the despicable smears that the likes of Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Tom Cotton launched against Judge Jackson.

PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones pointed out at the time that Republicans were engaging in workplace harassment.

The President made a great point. It was verbal abuse. Jackson had to listen to Lindsey Graham yell at her about Brett Kavanaugh and have her record and character smeared by Cotton, Hawley, and Cruz, but in the end, she prevailed.

No one should think for a second that President Biden and Senate Democrats will forget about what the vast majority of Republican Senators tried to do to Judge Jackson.

It was a disgrace in front of the nation, and Biden had to speak out about it.

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