PoliticsIt Functionally Admits They Lost The Election

It Functionally Admits They Lost The Election

Yesterday, this site, along with many others, reported the explosive news that CNN was in possession of a text that Don Jr. sent Mark Meadows, one sent on November 5th, 2020, two days after the election, the same day it became apparent that Joe Biden won the election. Don Jr.’s text essentially outlined the plans that the Trumps would use to keep the White House. Don Jr.’s clairvoyance is stunning. He outlined exactly what was to come. His text also tacitly admits something that Trump himself rejects to this day. They lost the election.

Some language from the text from CNN:

“It’s very simple. We have multiple paths We control them all.”

The word “control” is critical. The Trumps do not control the outcome of recounts, not real recounts. The Trumps do not control court cases, not real court cases. “Control,” implies action outside lawful means to demonstrate they won the election.

The message went on to lay out a variety of options that Mr. Trump or his allies ultimately employed in trying to overturn the results of the election, from legal challenges to promoting alternative slates of electors to focusing efforts on the statutory date of Jan. 6 for certification of the Electoral College results.

The fact that Donald Trump Junior mentioned alternative state electors exposes Junior to devastating legal consequences. Junior’s lawyer,  Alan Futerfas, would, of course, know it. Futerfas said that given the date and what the text contained, it was likely a text that Junior forwarded to Meadows. This is somewhat absurd because;  A) The word “We” seems somewhat operative, B) Junior surely knows for a fact whether he was forwarding a text and he would surely remember who originally sent it if it was forwarded – but Futerfas doesn’t say such and C) It couldn’t matter less if it was forwarded. Junior reviewed the text and forwarded it to Meadows. It comes with Junior’s imprimatur of approval.

From another section, again, look at the importance of the word “control”:

We either have a vote WE control and WE win OR it gets kicked to Congress 6 January 2021,”

Obviously, until the Trumps came along, January 6th was a wholly ceremonial day. Al Gore easily gaveled down the few murmurs of dissent when he oversaw the counting of the Florida electoral votes. Joe Biden did the same when there was concern about Russian interference. Junior looked at January 6th as meaningful, a day to “win.”

In the most telling clause, Junior writes: “We have operational control Total leverage. Moral High Ground POTUS must start 2nd term now.”

The focus is on the power of the presidency. Operational control and – the most important word in the entire text – in my opinion – “leverage.” The Trumps have leverage. The Trumps wouldn’t be where they are in the world as a family without “leverage,” whether used in business or politics. Leverage is synonymous with threats, or at least the power to steer an outcome.

But the text makes no reference to the vote being rigged. Nowhere does the text say that there was obvious voter fraud. Nowhere does Junior claim that they won the states they lost and they just need to demonstrate they have the votes. Nowhere does he say they won the election and it was rigged.

No, the entirety of the text, taken as a whole, must be read with the Trump family understanding that the vote, the election itself, the loss, is not an impediment. They have leverage. They have control. Getting to January 20th is an “operation,” and they can even just assign their own electors in place of the votes they didn’t have.

The text reveals some of the most critical information – with respect to evidence of all that was to come – by what it doesn’t say. Nowhere does it say, “We beat this guy. There is no way he got more votes. Let’s find the fraud out there now and prove it.” The very fact that January 6th was mentioned indicates that the actual vote count didn’t matter. They had leverage, they had control. They were in power, and they were not giving it up. They had plans in case this happened.

Telling. It wasn’t rigged. They knew they lost. It just didn’t matter.


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