PoliticsA Family Took Their Little Boy To The Trump...

A Family Took Their Little Boy To The Trump Rally And It Totally Backfired

A family was excited to be at their first Trump rally in North Carolina until their youngest announced that he was excited to see Joe Biden.


The family was telling Right Side Broadcasting how excited they were to be at their first Trump rally. Mom said that her two boys were more excited than the parents, and when asked what he was excited for, the little guy said, “To see Joe Biden.”

His parents quickly said, “Trump.”

The young boy was probably told by his parent that he was going to see the president tonight. Being that everyone knows that the president is Joe Biden, the kid thought he was going to see POTUS. Imagine his disappointment when the creepy uncle who wants to date his own daughter takes the stage and starts screaming incoherently for at least 90 minutes.

Even children at the rallies know what a sham Trump is.

Taking the kids to a Trump rally backfired on one North Carolina family and created a forever viral moment.

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