WorldIt's Sunday afternoon in Kyiv. Here's what you need...

It’s Sunday afternoon in Kyiv. Here’s what you need to know

Falls Township Police Chief Nelson Whitney announcing the launch of his department's 'Operation Urgent Aid' in early March.
Falls Township Police Chief Nelson Whitney announcing the launch of his department’s ‘Operation Urgent Aid’ in early March. (Falls Township Police Department)

The governors of Iowa and Nebraska announced last week that they will donate police protective gear, including military-grade equipment such as helmets and vests, to Ukraine to help civilians defend themselves against Russia’s invasion.  

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said his state would send 550 pieces of protective gear, while Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said her state’s department of public safety and 18 law enforcement agencies would provide Ukraine with 860 pieces of gear.  

The agencies join a growing list of police departments — from California to Ohio to Vermont — that are donating non-lethal police gear to aid Ukrainian civilians, according to a CNN review of state-by-state efforts and interviews with some of those involved.  

Among the agencies contacted by CNN, and the non-government groups gathering supplies, none have said they’re collecting weapons or ammunition.  

Many of the police departments involved in these efforts are working with charity organizations and former members of the US military. Some sources with direct knowledge of the varied efforts — but who are not involved — spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity due to concerns about potential legal questions the initiative could raise.

It’s unprecedented, experts say, for US law enforcement agencies to donate police protective equipment and military-grade gear to a foreign country involved in an ongoing war. The effort also raises questions about the roles of police departments and whether, as domestic law enforcement agencies, they should send equipment to a foreign conflict outside of their jurisdiction. 

Because there’s no central coordinating group, there’s not an easy way to say what’s being shipped or whether it’s subject to export regulations.    

The Ukrainian American Coordinating Council (UACC), a non-profit organization, is at the center of one effort to send regulated, military-grade and police protective items to Ukraine, including ballistic helmets, hard plates, soft armor inserts and vests, the group says.

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US police agencies are sending protective gear to Ukrainian civilians in what experts call an unprecedented move | CNN

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