PoliticsBiden Shatters Republicans By Taking Credit For Low Unemployment

Biden Shatters Republicans By Taking Credit For Low Unemployment

President Biden took credit for the low levels of state unemployment by reminding Republicans that his policies made it happen.

Via a Biden statement provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

Americans are getting back to work in every corner of the country in record numbers. Right now, 17 states are at or tied with the lowest unemployment rate they’ve ever had – and 20 states have jobless rates below 3%. Over the last year, the unemployment rate dropped in every state and many states have reached historic lows. These aren’t just numbers on a page: these are millions of Americans back at work and able to support themselves and their families with good-paying jobs and enjoy the dignity a job provides.  

This wasn’t an accident: this was the direct result of my economic plan to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out. There’s still more work to do to build on this recovery and bring down costs for working families – and my Administration is working on that every day – but we can’t lose sight of how far, and how quickly, we’ve come.

Biden is right. His policies accomplished two goals. Biden stabilized an economy that was reeling from the pandemic, while at the same time, his policies promoted job growth and employment.

President Biden’s policies aren’t driving inflation, as Republicans like to claim. Inflation is being driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and lingering supply chain issues from the pandemic.

It is nice to see a Democratic president taking credit for the success of his policies. Biden told America precisely what he was going to do as a candidate. He did it, and now it is paying off for the American people.

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