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A Leaked Phone Call From A Former Aide Could Be The End For Madison Cawthorn

A former aide to Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said that Cawthorn closed most of his district offices, there are more liquor bottles than water bottles around, and the former staffer believes some of the sexual assault allegations against the congressman.

The Smokey Mountain News reported on a leaked phone call from former Cawthorn aide Lisa Wiggins:

Wiggins went on to make a number of other claims against her former employer, including more liquor bottles in the Hendersonville office than water bottles, and that she hadn’t seen the congressman she worked for since October.

She explained that she didn’t believe all of the sexual assault or harassment allegations against Cawthorn were true, but that she does believe some of them, including ones from his brief stint at Patrick Henry College, are true. No charges or suits have been filed against Cawthorn in regards to any of those claims.

“As far as the candidate himself, I mean, he’s just a bad person. He’s a habitual liar and he’s going to say and do anything he can to your face but behind your back he’s completely opposite,” she said. “There’s some good stories I have – a lot of good stories.”

The idea that Madison Cawthorn is not a good person isn’t a surprise. Cawthorn has had several DUIs. He is facing potential jail time for being caught driving with a suspended license (again). Rep. Cawthorn hangs out with Marjorie Taylor Greene and accused child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz. Cawthorn is a fierce supporter of Donald Trump who has called for another 1/6 attack on the Capitol.

The facts listed above are not potential characteristics of a person who could objectively be described as good. Cawthorn has accused the House Republican caucus of doing cocaine and having orgies.

The stories are starting to emerge about the North Carolina congressman. There is a sense that Madison Cawthorn is a ticking time bomb, and many of his fellow Republicans will feel no sadness when he blows up.

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