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Battlestar Galactica’s Biggest Mystery Has A Mixed Bag Of Answers

If you’re a “Battlestar Galactica” fan, you’ve definitely asked this burning question: Why the hell are all the corners cut off of paper in the “Battlestar Galactica” universe?

I’ve certainly asked it. Not only does it make no sense whatsoever, but it’s an absolute waste of paper. Of course, it’s also a really cool visual that we’ll always associate with the series. A look becomes iconic if you see it enough. We see design choices every day like the arrow forming the smile on Amazon boxes, or the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo. Even the implication of the shape of Mickey Mouse ears makes you think of Disney, and a green and white circle with a mermaid in it is probably going to make you crave your favorite Starbucks treat.

All of that was planned out and designed to make you think of the product. Like, if you see a yellow circle with a red swoosh through it, you might start craving Lay’s potato chips. I will admit that if I see a piece of paper with the corners cut off, I do think of “Battlestar Galactica,” but as it turns out, there was no big revelation about it all. In fact, it’s become sort of a joke in terms of the production. 

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