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How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Apartment

Imagine your apartment filled with the sun illuminating the art on the walls, the scent of your favorite candle wafting through the air, all while wrapped in your favorite blanket – you’ve just imagined a cozy apartment.

A cozy apartment is defined in many ways since everyone has their own sense of coziness. For some, that may be adding greenery around the apartment, opting for soft lighting, or adding décor that compliments a room. Whatever cozy means to you, we’ve pulled together a few ideas to help make your apartment your favorite place to unwind.

Neutral décor in an apartment

1) Use soft lighting throughout your space

The trick to achieving a cozy environment relies heavily on the lighting. Candles, light fixtures, and warm light bulbs can make all the difference. Opt for warm-toned bulbs instead of a cool-white toned. And if you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint at home, LED lightbulbs are the best compromise. 

Once you have the light bulbs down, adding the perfect lamp shade will make your apartment glow. Lamps add a soft light to the room since some apartment units have harsh overhead lighting. Place lamps and candles in areas where you find yourself the most.

Canyon Candle Co. says, “Lighting is the simplest way to make a cozy room in one’s home. Every room should have lighting on a dimmer switch to create a soft and calm ambiance.”

Cozy apartment with plants and soft light

2) Design a cozy environment with candles

There’s no doubt that candles are crucial for setting up a desirable environment. From creating the desired mood to adding warmth, candles are a great addition to any room. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can add funky and unique shapes, bright shades for a fun pop of color, or opt for soy ingredients – the options are endless. Here are three ideas to give you some insight into how candles can transform your room: 

“Candles are essential to creating a warm and inviting space,” says Lakewood Candle Company. “A scented candle fills the air with essence defining mood and emotion. The flickering light of the flame evokes a relaxing environment and invigorates the senses.” 

When choosing scents, L & M Candle Company says, “Aromatherapy candles such as lavender and sage provide a relaxing essence. Lighting your candle against a mirror will illuminate a beautiful, inviting glow to your home.”

Wanting different scents that blend well together?  NoHo Candle Co. says, “The best way to make your home comfy is to burn other candles in different rooms to make a beautiful blend of different fragrances throughout the living space.”

For ideas in specific rooms, they say, “In the kitchen, we suggest burning a nice citrus candle and perhaps in the living room a more musky scent, wherein the room you can do a lavender or floral. All the fragrances notes come together, creating a warm cozy living space.”

Clean and organized kitchen

3) Add greenery to fill the empty areas in your apartment 

Adding greenery can bring your apartment to life. The best plants for apartments include the Monstera, Zamioculcas, Sansevieria, and of course, succulents. These plants are easy to care for and can help regulate your apartment air. Placing plants around your apartment can help fill empty spaces and add pops of natural color. 

4) Opt for neutral tones and texture

Neutral colors are a simple idea for those looking to relax in their apartment. The light and airy colors will play well with the sunlight and soft lighting. It is common for landlords to allow you to paint your apartment – as long as you repaint the walls for the next tenant. Popular paint colors include soft pastels and nature-inspired colors like light browns and reds. 

Saybrook Home, a furniture, apparel, and interior design service company suggests, “When designing your room, think about ways to bring your eye up. Natural light will bounce easily throughout your apartment with neutral wall colors and sheer drapery panels hung higher than your window and make it feel larger. Incorporating textured fabrics on accent pillows and bold print artwork can build a cozy space with depth and intrigue.”

Not only will neutral tones set a tone for a clean and minimal apartment, but adding texture will complete the look. For ideas, think extra pillows for the couch and throw blankets. These items will make you comfy and add depth to the neutrals. Rugs are also a great way to add texture and make the space feel finished.

Furnished apartment with flowers

5) keep your furniture and accessories in mind

Furniture ideas

A great way to make yourself at home is by unwinding on a comfy piece of furniture. A great way to arrange the layout of your apartment is to incorporate these pieces in places you like to relax. 

According to Terra Casa, a home and garden retailer, “A studio-size sofa is the perfect focal point for your cozy apartment. A plush throw and fuzzy pillows turn it into naptime heaven. The Edison bulb on the sofa table lamp casts a warm glow throughout the room while the Goji Tarocco Voluspa candle takes you to tropical climes.”

Accessory ideas

Drape blankets and pillows over the furniture for a comfy feel. Accessories are also great for making an aesthetically pleasing space that compliments your style.

Add books to your coffee table so they are in close reach, fresh flowers to your dining table, and some of your favorite pictures. Multifunctional furniture can be useful and valuable for those living in a walk-up apartment. 

Suitable curtains can benefit you in many ways, from making the room look bigger and taller to keeping you warm in the winter and eliminating echoes. Switch out those flimsy blinds that most apartments come with and add in long curtains. Curtains also can add a luxurious feel to the room and come in many different materials to fit anyone’s style.

Gallery wall in an apartment

6) Focus on scents 

Another element to consider when you’re on your journey to creating a more comforting apartment is adding your favorite scents. There are many ways to get your apartment smelling fresh and luxurious, from candles and diffusers to air fresheners and sprays. Here are some ideas:

The Great Texas Candle Co. says, “scented candles are one of the most popular methods of making a homey, inviting environment in your apartment or home. Selecting candles with beautiful scents in  containers that match your personal style or décor will bring a warm, inviting feeling into your space.” 

Malibu Apothecary says, “Based on the science that scent is the strongest trigger of memory, you can instantly transport yourself from your home with scented candles. Not only that – candles can have added aromatherapy benefits such as improving your mood, relieving stress, and increasing attention and focus.”

There are also different ways if you’re trying to freshen up your apartment by removing bad scents. Give your apartment a deep clean by cleaning your garbage disposal, and hide the smell of your trash by sprinkling baking soda. Odor can also hide within your carpets, so to freshen up your home, we recommend you thoroughly clean your carpets so odor no longer lingers.

7) Keep your cozy apartment tidy

Cozy doesn’t mean cluttered. Having a tidy area will help you design an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is a variety of storage options available that can help you stay organized. Remember, less is more. Take this as a sign to make a space that creates your dream apartment.

A storage ottoman can double as seating, a table, and a place to keep extra blankets. You can use the TV counsel to include additional storage to keep your wires. Clean as you go is a good practice to start as it will eliminate the need to pick up after the end of the day.

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