ScienceKing John: Magna Carta, rebellion and myth

King John: Magna Carta, rebellion and myth

King John was the ruler of England from May 27, 1199 to Oct. 19, 1216, succeeding his brother Richard “The Lionheart”. John is best known for sealing the Magna Carta, which was the first step towards a constitution in the United Kingdom and a source of inspiration for democratic movements that followed. However, he also drew England into a bloody civil war when he reneged on the agreements made in the Magna Carta and was widely hated by contemporary chroniclers.

John, King of England, was the last surviving son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine when he ascended to the throne as the fourth Plantagenet monarch. The House of Plantagenet would go on to rule England for 300 years, making it the longest reigning royal house in the country’s history. 

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