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The Bad Guys Characters Ranked By How Villainous They Are

Brought to life by the multi-talented Alex Borstein, Police Chief Misty Luggins is a devoted officer of the law. Her interests include bringing the titular bad guys to justice, her passions include taking down the bad guys, and her hobbies include arresting the bad … you get the idea. Luggins is a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of things, but a committed vocal performance from Borstein keeps the character feeling fresh. Her character design is unique, as Luggins is a full-bodied, muscular, and menacing physical presence. While she’s ferociously determined to take down the baddies, she often shows plenty of heart.

This is something that’s frequently exploited by her enemies. For example, when she gets so very close to taking them down, Shark arrives in the nick of time, dressed as an elegant woman asking for directions to the bathroom. Instead of carrying on with her duties, she acquiesces, which allows Tarantula to finish pulling off the heist. She’s a lot of fun to watch, and there’s hardly a bad bone in her body. The closest she gets to evil is her views on criminal reformation, as she is left horrified by the plans to attempt to reform the baddies instead of locking them away for good. When it comes to downright villainy, though, Luggins is an easy choice for the bottom of the list.

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