ScienceCluster of hepatitis cases in US children may be...

Cluster of hepatitis cases in US children may be tied to common virus

U.S. doctors should be on the lookout for unexplained liver inflammation in children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised Thursday (April 21). Affected children should be screened to see if they’ve been infected with an adenovirus, a type of virus that’s been flagged as a potential cause of the condition, the agency noted.

The recommendation comes after health officials identified a cluster of children with both liver inflammation, also called hepatitis, and adenovirus infections in Alabama, according to the CDC. Two additional cases of pediatric hepatitis have been reported in North Carolina, although it wasn’t noted if these were also associated with adenovirus infections, according to NBC News. Similar cases of unexplained hepatitis have also been reported in Europe, including in the United Kingdom, where some of the affected children tested positive for adenovirus, the CDC said.

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