PoliticsFlailing Trump Is Trying To Fight A $10,000/Day Fine...

Flailing Trump Is Trying To Fight A $10,000/Day Fine For Not Turning Over Documents

New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked for Trump to be fined $10,000 a day for not turning over documents, but Trump is trying to dodge the fine.

Trump’s lawyers filed their own motion in court arguing that Trump shouldn’t be fined:

“The OAG’s main gripe with [Trump’s] subpoena response seems to be the lack of documents that were independently produced” by Trump.”

“While this result may be to the OAG’s dissatisfaction, the fact is that a diligent search was performed and found that [Trump] is not in possession of any of the requested documents.”

“Further, as was expressly stated in the Subpoena’s instructions, [Trump] was not obligated to produce documents in the possession, custody or control of the Trump Organization.”

Donald Trump trying to argue that he is different than the Trump Organization is laughable. There are decades of stories about how Trump is an extreme micromanager and is involved with everything that goes on with his business. The argument is dubious and can be easily refuted with a mountain of evidence.

Trump also has a history going back through his entire career of document destruction, so it is impossible to believe that he has turned over all documents to the state attorney general.

Trump doesn’t want to turn over the documents, and he doesn’t want to pay the fine, so he is trying to weasel out of it, but he might not have a leg to stand on, so he will have to turn over the documents or start coughing up the cash.

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