PoliticsNew Evidence Busts Marjorie Taylor Greene For Plotting Coup

New Evidence Busts Marjorie Taylor Greene For Plotting Coup

New evidence reveals that Marjorie Taylor Greene was plotting Trump’s coup with the White House.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was identified as one of the participants in White House meetings about overturning the election by 1/6 Committee witness Casey Hutchinson:

 Q Okay. How about Marjorie Taylor —

  A [Inaudible.]

Q Sure. How about Marjorie Taylor Greene? 

A Was not at the time a member of the Freedom Caucus, as she was still  Congresswoman-elect, but, yes, Ms. Marjorie Taylor Greene was there. 

During her testimony, Rep. Greene did confirm that she met with Trump and the White House in the post-election period through 1/6, so that appears to be something that she was telling the truth about.

Greene has denied being involved in 1/6, but the evidence shows that she was involved in attempting to overturn the election for Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the Trump foot soldiers who attacked democracy.

Greene committed a crime against the United States of America and appears to have been involved in a scheme to defraud the nation.

Even worse, Kevin McCarthy has promised coup plotter Marjorie Taylor Greene a promotion if Republicans win control of the House.

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