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Republican Leader In North Carolina Threatened To Fire Election Official If He Wasn’t Given Illegal Access To Voting Machines

A local Republican leader in North Carolina threatened to get an elections director fired if he wasn’t given illegal access to voting equipment.

According to Reuters:

The party official, William Keith Senter, sought evidence to support false conspiracy theories alleging the 2020 election was rigged against former U.S. President Donald Trump. The previously unreported incident is part of a national effort by Trump supporters to audit voting systems to bolster the baseless stolen-election claims.

Senter, chair of the Surry County Republican Party, told elections director Michella Huff that he would ensure she lost her job if she refused his demand to access the county’s vote tabulators, the North Carolina State Board of Elections said in written responses to questions from Reuters. Senter was “aggressive, threatening, and hostile,” in two meetings with Huff, the state elections board said, citing witness accounts.

It appears that Senter committed a crime in North Carolina, as it is a felony in the state to threaten or intimidate a voting official.

The fact there are witnesses to the Republican officials threatening behavior adds to the strength of a potential criminal case against Senter.

The bullying of election officials and attempts to steal elections will not stop until elected Republicans start facing criminal charges and get sent to jail. Republicans are doing this because they believe that they can get away with it.

Until they start getting their mail in state prison, Republicans aren’t going to stop attempting to steal elections through any means necessary.

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