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Republicans Are Being Busted By Their Own Staff Narcing To The 1/6 Committee

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said that the 1/6 Committee is getting information from Republican staffers who are reporting to the committee.

Video of Rep. Lofgren:

Lofgren told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “We need to get to the bottom of this to protect our constitution and system of government. Those that refuse to tell the truth that are trying to hide, you know, gosh, it’s really not what they are required to do. So we will pursue every possible option to get to the truth, but as this filing shows, there are multiple ways to get information every time there’s a phone call, there are people on that phone call listening and many of them have reported in to us.”

The 1/6 Committee is getting their information from House Republican staffers who listened in on phone calls that their bosses were taking part in during the period before and after the 1/6 attack.

This means that the Committee likely knows much more than Republicans think that they do, which helps to explain why Kevin McCarthy thought that he could lie about virtually everything and not get caught.

It also makes it likely that the staffers are a valuable source intel for the Committee and might be the source for McCarthy’s calls getting leaked to the public.

Republican staffers were so troubled by the coup that some of them have gone to the committee and reported what they heard.

Rep. Lofgren’s point was that the Committee doesn’t need the members of Congress to testify. They are getting the information in lots of other ways.

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