WorldCat Separated From Owner By Ukraine Invasion Reunites With...

Cat Separated From Owner By Ukraine Invasion Reunites With Family In U.S.

Persik the cat has had quite the wild ride.

The fun-loving feline was separated from his owner, Larysa Frisby, for several months during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a release from the Humane Society of the United States.

The ordeal began in February, at the start of the invasion, when Frisby was away from her home in Ukraine visiting family in Arkansas. During that time, her cat was staying with her cousin in Odesa.

Humane Society International helped a Ukrainian in the U.S. reunite with her cat, Persik, who was rescued from Odesa, Ukraine.
Humane Society International helped a Ukrainian in the U.S. reunite with her cat, Persik, who was rescued from Odesa, Ukraine.

Frisby’s cousin kept Persik safe before managing to evacuate him out of Ukraine with a friend fleeing to Warsaw, Poland.

Looking to reunite with Persik, which means “Peach” in Ukrainian, Frisby then reached out to Humane Society International for help.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, HSI has been working in Poland, Romania, Germany and Italy to help pet owners who are fleeing the war.

Kelly Donithan, the director of animal disaster response at HSI, was working in Poland and learned more about Persik’s circumstances. She offered to fly the cat back to the U.S. with her.

“This single story of one cat, Persik, is emblematic of what Humane Society International has seen through the chaos and trauma of this war: strangers and communities coming together to help one another however they can, including beloved animals,” said Donithan.

Donithan quickly made her way to Arkansas to bring Persik back to Frisby.

The cat was fully vaccinated, microchipped and had his pet passport in paw, which helped expedite the return.

“I want to express special gratitude to the people who took part in saving my cat from the war in Ukraine, to everyone who provided help and care in Warsaw for several weeks,” Frisby said.

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