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Jurassic World Dominion Trailer Breakdown: Dinosaurs Rule The Earth Once Again

It is a big day for fans of dinosaurs and, to be more specific, humans interacting with dinosaurs. Universal Pictures has released a brand new trailer for this summer’s “Jurassic World Dominion” following its debut at CinemaCon recently. This trailer was released just as advance tickets went on sale for the film, signaling that years after 2018’s “Fallen Kingdom” opened the floodgates, we are finally going to see how this trilogy wraps up. And with the original “Jurassic Park” cast returning no less. We decided it would be good to take a much closer look at all of the chaos (and there is a lot of it) in this trailer, going over it beat-by-beat to see what we can learn. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Hello, Maisie

The trailer kicks off with a shot of the clone girl from “Fallen Kingdom,” aka Maisie Lockwood, who is chopping some wood in an isolated cabin. It’s snowy and she’s there seemingly living the quiet life with Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing. 

They’ve built a little family of sorts in the aftermath of the events of the last film, it would seem.

Baby Blue

As we saw in the previous trailer, Owen’s raptor pal Blue has had a baby. Baby Blue, if you will. But Maisie says “that should be impossible” signaling that this comes as a big surprise to all of them. Life finds a way, as it were.

The scene has an odd bit of tension to it. Perhaps Blue becoming a mother has changed the dynamic between her and Owen. And the relationship between man and dinosaurs was always tenuous in the first place, let’s be honest.

It’s A Trap!

Here is where things start to go wrong. We see a little bit of animal skin here being used to bait and trap baby Blue. The poor little guy never saw it coming.

We then get a glimpse at the hunters responsible for this capture. They look pretty low-tech, just in a pickup truck. This isn’t InGen or anything like that. These are seemingly just some guys trying to make some money by capturing a dinosaur. The world has changed a lot.

Angry Blue

This situation angers Blue something fierce. Naturally, no mother can be expected to be chill when her baby is taken from her. Things get extremely tense between her and Owen, far more than before.

We can see the panic on Claire’s face and rightfully so because Blue actually takes a little nip at Owen. Not a full-on bite, but enough to make this concerning. This moment is key because Owen promises Blue that he will get the baby back and this appears to be inciting incident that will set the whole story in motion.

Flying Dinosaur Nest In The City

While I can’t quite identify what specific species of flying dinosaur this is, we can see it gliding over a cityscape and, holy crap, it has made a nest on top of One World Trade Center. This is but one of many illustrations throughout this trailer that points out just how out of hand everything has become with dinosaurs not just surviving — but thriving — out in the real world.

Hi, Ellie!

While this is a recycled shot from the first trailer, this serves as our first look at Laura Dern returning as Ellie Sattler for the first time since “Jurassic Park III” in this trailer. The opposite side of this shot is a crazy swarm of an unidentified nature coming her way, but we don’t see that here. Just Dr. Sattler in all of her glory.

Mosasaurus Madness

This is yet another shot we’ve seen before but a good trailer moment nonetheless. We can see that the Mosasaur is doing just fine, thriving in the ocean and attacking unsuspecting fishing boats. Bad for fishermen, entertaining for moviegoers. Another example of the chaos that humanity is having to endure following the events of the last film.

Henry Wu’s Admission Of Guilt

BD Wong is once again back as Dr. Henry Wu, the scientist who is arguably most responsible for bringing dinosaurs back to life. This is lowkey one of the most important shots in the trailer, as Wu, wearing what can only be described as a depressing cardigan, says that they have made a “terrible mistake.” He appears to have had a change of heart and feels that something he has done relating to these previously extinct creatures was a step or two too far. An interesting wrinkle, given how he was more or less a villain on the wrong side of the law in the last film.

Ankylosaurs On The Range

It’s not all bad in this new world. Here we can see some Ankylosaurs enjoying a bit of peace out in the open range. Nobody is bothering them and they aren’t bothering anybody, much like any other larger, otherwise peaceful animal that exists in nature.

Dino Chaos Ensues

Remember how everything was nice just a second ago? No longer. Dinosaurs and humans are far from adapted to living with one another, and it gets chaotic. We see here some Gallimimus running in the middle of the freeway, making this almost look like a found-footage monster movie for a second.

We then see some Nasutoceratops causing trouble for some vehicles as well. And by trouble, I mean utter destruction. Now, were these people asking for it? Or was this just an unfortunate incident brought on by the colliding of two species that should never have been in the same place?

The Original Trio Returns

Here we get our first shot of the original gang back together, including Sam Neill’s Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm alongside Dern’s Ellie Sattler. Grant is, unfortunately, kind of just hanging out in the background of this particular shot but it’s a big shot of nostalgia to see them all together again for the first time since “Jurassic Park” in 1993. Also of note, Ian says the “doomsday clock might be about out of time.” So he does not have an optimistic view of all this chaos going on right now.

An Angry Carnotaurus And His Allosaurus Friend

Owen is in bad shape here as he is facing down a Carnotaurus and an Allosaurus who were both just let out of enclosures, seemingly to his surprise. Of note, the Carnotaurus is missing a horn, which could add to its whole pissed-off attitude here. Also, these are carnivores who were locked in a cage. Were they going to be happy?

Raptors On The Loose

Here we see some similar cages being opened and the look on the faces of these men indicates this was not the plan. They are in the middle of a city and it is not a good place to have raptors running loose. Specifically, these appear to be the new Atrociraptors we’ve seen in previous trailers and images. This will end poorly.

Raptor Chase Time

An absolutely gigantic portion of this trailer is spent on these raptors chasing Owen and Claire through the city. This is merely the beginning, with Owen mounting up on a motorcycle for a truly wild-ass chase that is about to ensue.

Again, we’ve seen bits of this sequence elsewhere but we get an awful lot more of it here and, specifically, we get one heck of a moment coming up here in just a second that warrants much discussion. 

Claire Totally Owns A Raptor In Wild Fashion

Let me be perfectly clear, still images cannot do this moment justice. During the chase, Claire is in the back of a truck and trying to figure out how to stop these beasts. So, she grabs a metal rod, sticks it against two cars, and a raptor slams into it neck first, then proceeds to do a flip and fall on its back, seemingly incapacitated.

People can be of one of two minds about this: either they think this is very stupid or they are prepared to empty their wallets to see this on the big screen as soon as humanly possible. I will show my hand, dear reader, and let you know I fall squarely in the latter camp and would like to punctuate this by merely saying, f*** yes. Absolutely f*** yes.

One Unlucky Guy

Not a whole lot of substance to say here but man, this is one unlucky dude. Imagine just riding around on a scooter, minding your own business, when an Allosaurus just decided to lean down and eat you for lunch. Or perhaps brunch, it’s not clear what time of day it is. But that is a little beside the point. One big takeaway here is that returning director Colin Trevorrow does not appear to be shying away from violence.

Fire And Dinosaurs

Again, not a ton to say here but this is a pretty incredible-looking shot. We see a forest just absolutely ablaze, with dinosaurs of all sorts caught in the path of its destruction. What started this fire? That remains unclear but these dinos are clearly in trouble.

Hello, Mamoudou Athie

While he was in the background of a previous shot this serves as our first good look at Mamoudou Athie as Ramsay Cole, a new character in the franchise. Very little is known about him and the trailer doesn’t provide us with too many clues. Though he does seem to have excellent fashion sense and I would very much like to know where he got that shirt.

Claire And Ellie, Bathed In Red

Here, we get a little bit of Claire and Ellie bonding with one another. Though all of this red light they are bathed in leads us to believe it is not under great circumstances. 

Ellie also delivers the line, “For our world to survive, what matters is what we do now.” What does this mean as it relates to the plot, exactly? We shall see.

Ian’s Still Got It

We now get a solo shot of Ian, showcasing the man in all of his glory, leather jacket and all. Even all these years later, the man’s still got it. At this moment, we also hear Owen saying “we could use your expertise.” This seems to imply they are trying to rope the surely reluctant Dr. Malcolm into a dino-centric adventure.


This shot doesn’t offer much but it does raise an eyebrow or two. We see a helicopter of sorts hovering over a wintery landscape. We also know that we are going to get dinosaurs in the snow for the first time ever in this film, and this shot points to that being the case. As for who is in the chopper or where it is headed? Questions that remain unanswered. For now. 

A Baby Raptor?!

At this point, Alan Grant expresses his shock at seeing a baby raptor, particularly Baby Blue. While it’s not clear how this reunion comes about it would appear that Owen and the gang are successful in their quest to track down Blue’s offspring. 

A Promise To A Dinosaur

Ian now gets in on the fun with a quip, remarking in amazement that Owen made a promise to Blue to get her baby home safe. 

At this point, Owen quips back in surprise that this seems strange to him. Owen, as we know, has a real bond with this animal and there is a bit of a generational gap here. Owen largely grew up in a world with dinosaurs in it. Ian did not and, quite frankly, their experiences with them have differed a lot. 

A Nice, Fiery Callback

This serves as a pretty badass moment and one that is a bit of a callback to the original “Jurassic Park” at the same time. Ian is seen distracting our new big carnivore, the Giganotosaurus, with a torch.

This is reminiscent of him distracting the T-rex in the original movie during the breakout sequence so that Alan could save Tim and Lex. Now might also be a good time to point out that The T-rex does not appear at all in this trailer, which is pretty interesting given how central that character is to this franchise.

Maisie Is In Trouble

This is another shot we’ve seen before but we get a bit of an extended glimpse at it here. Maisie is in a cage and a gigantic carnivore is trying to eat that cage. We don’t see the dinosaur but, piecing some things together, given that this takes place at night, it seems like the Giganotosaurus is a safe bet.

Claire Is Also In Trouble

This is a shot we’ve seen before as well but Claire is trying to escape the feathered Therizinosaurus and, to do so, she is having to crawl into a swamp. This is, to say the very least of it, far from an ideal situation to be in. 

Kayla, Our New Hero, Is In Trouble Too

DeWanda Wise is playing a new character in this film, a pilot named Kayla. Here, she is seen in the cockpit of a plane with Maisie. And, wouldn’t you know it? They’re in trouble! This is because Quetzalcoatlus is getting ready to tear up that plane. 

Again, a sequence we saw in the last trailer but we get a tiny bit more from Kayla here. She’s clearly brave. Or foolish. Either way, it seems like a good fit. 

Pyroraptor On The Ice (And Underwater!)

This is maybe the wildest sequence in the whole trailer. We’ve seen this bit of the feathered Pyroraptor in other trailers, with Owen and Kayla having nothing but tasers to defend themselves. But this time, the thing goes underwater! 

To make things even more insane, Owen falls under the ice too and we get a shot of this feathered raptor getting ready to attack under the ice. Safe to say, Trevorrow is pulling absolutely no punches here. 

The Whole Gang

This shot sees just about every single major character we’ve met up to this point gathered together, with only Kayla missing. Or at least she’s not in the shot. What are they all doing with Dr. Wu? Where are they, exactly? These are burnings questions that the trailer refuses to answer. 

The Biggest Carnivore

This shot is of the Giganotosaurus and, what is remarkable is that it appears to be an animatronic and not a CGI creation. That is worth noting as these recent sequels have been a little light on animatronics. 

We also get a shot of the original trio gathered together looking at this beast, with Alan saying this is the “biggest carnivore the world has ever seen.” 

Ellie Is In Danger

This all appears to be happening at or around the film’s climax. Or at least all in the same big action sequence. The Giganotosaurus can be seen here chewing on a bit of railing that Ellie just so happens to be standing on, much to her peril. 

It appears as though it is going to be up to Owen to save here, quite literally, from the jaws of death.  

You’re Not Safe, Owen

To finish up the trailer, we get a tiny moment of levity interrupted by a major moment of terror. Owen is assuring the gang that they have escaped the danger by saying “see, not so bad.” But they can see that the Giganotosaurus is right behind them, ready to smash through the glass of the building they are in. No safety here, only lots of teeth and broken glass. 

And that’s about it! One of the big takeaways is just how little Universal Pictures is showing us here. Lots of characters we haven’t seen and very little of the plot has been revealed. This indicates we could be in for some major surprises when the film finally arrives this summer. 

“Jurassic World Dominion” is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2022.

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