PoliticsBrainwashed Child At Trump Rally Appears To Confuse Trump...

Brainwashed Child At Trump Rally Appears To Confuse Trump And God

At Donald Trump’s rally for alleged sexual predator Charles Herbster, a little girl was asked what she like best about Trump and she appeared to confuse him with God.


When asked what everybody in her life likes most about Donald Trump, a little girl answered, “I like best that he loves our family.” As this little girl talked about how Trump loved her family her dad was standing behind her wearing a #FJB t-shirt, which means F Joe Biden, which is a great thing to expose a child to.

It is important to document the cult-like

worship of Trump at these events, because the behavior is the gateway to political violence like the nation experienced on 1/6, and these Trump supporters aren’t just destroying their own minds. They are brainwashing their children so that the Trump cult will continue to perpetuate itself into the future.

Donald Trump doesn’t love or care about anyone’s family. There is documented evidence that he doesn’t care about his own family.

A family took their daughter to a Trump rally for a candidate that is accused of sexually groping multiple women.

The little girl’s answer in the video above demonstrates that it is not just Fox News viewers who are being brainwashed. Small children are basically being taught that Trump is God.

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