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Better Call Saul Season 6 Stages A ‘Hit And Run’

Kim and Jimmy are still out to get Howard, and their plan enters a whole new level this week. Jimmy goes into full Howard cosplay mode, dressing identically to the man, slathering himself with a fake tan, and even sporting a wig. Up close, it’s clearly Jimmy. But from a distance, it really does look like Howard. As for the real Howard, we watch him as he goes to therapy. As Howard talks about his troubles at home, it occurred to me that we really know very little about Howard. He’s a bit of a mystery. 

While Howard shares his troubles with his therapist, Jimmy steals his car, picks up prostitute Wendy, and then hits the road. Elsewhere, Kim is meeting with Cliff Main. Jimmy and Kim have it all worked out so that while Kim and Cliff have lunch at an outside table, Jimmy — disguised as Howard — drives by and pushes Wendy out of the car. Cliff immediately spots Howard’s car and is understandably shocked. Now Cliff thinks that Howard is a coke addict and an abusive nut who tosses women out of his car. Not good news for Howard.

This is all darkly amusing, as is a moment when Jimmy tries to return Howard’s car to its original parking spot in the therapist’s lot — only to find someone else has taken it. Jimmy tried to prevent this by placing an orange cone in front of the parking spot, but someone moved it. This is shocking to Jimmy, who yells, “Who moves a cone?!” Later, he repeats the question to Kim at home, with the two of them laughing about how smoothly things are going.

But things don’t stay smooth. People at the courthouse have discovered Jimmy, aka Saul, got a known cartel member (Lalo) out of jail by scamming the court, and they’re disgusted with him. It looks like this could really hinder Jimmy/Saul’s career. And then, the calls start coming in. Soon, Saul has a bunch of new clients — all of them looking mighty suspicious. As it turns out, word has gotten around the criminal community that Saul is “Salamanca’s guy.” It’s a classification “Saul” happily accepts, even though that might not be the best idea. But with that move, Jimmy has taken one of his final steps toward really becoming Saul Goodman, Criminal Attorney, emphasis on the criminal.

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