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Moon Knight Episode 6 Has A Deleted Scene The Director Really Wants Us To See

In the interview, Diab was asked about his reaction to Isaac’s stunning performance in episode 5. He replied:

“I think he would say that I was just encouraging him, but I always tell him, ‘You’re going to win everything,’ because he is always great. He’s a genius actor. The irony is that my favorite scene of his got cut. It was in episode six. As great as everything else was, he actually topped it with something even better. He confronted his mom in a white void, and he was going back and forth between Marc and Steven. And oh my god. That scene by itself is an Oscar-worthy performance. Hopefully, Marvel releases that scene one day because Oscar was a genius.”

Of course I want to see anything Oscar Isaac does, though the idea of this scene is so heartbreaking. Would she be a real version of this woman in agony? Would Taweret (voiced by Antonia Salib) have allowed Marc/Steven this moment to help balance his scales? Was this just part of Marc/Steven’s imagination, letting them speak to Wendy in a way they couldn’t have in real life? It would make sense, though I wonder about the cut. Considering Jake’s appearance at the end of the season, he wouldn’t have participated, and I can’t imagine that he would be able to forgive her in the same way as Marc and Steven. If they forgive her at all … but the scales did end up balanced, so some part of them must have healed. 

It’s a complex story, and whether it would have worked in the episode or not, I want to watch, just to see Oscar Isaac and what he does with the scene. 

Moon Knight” is currently streaming on Disney+.

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