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Ted Cruz Declares To The Nation, “I’m Not A Moron.”

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) claimed to know that the Supreme Court leak came from a liberal justice because he is not a moron.

Video of Cruz:

Cruz was asked if he had evidence or information to back up his claim that the Supreme Court leak came from the liberal side.

Sen. Cruz answered, “Because I’m not a moron. Because I live on planet earth.”

Cruz said it was obvious what is going on here, and claimed that a liberal was trying to change the outcome of the ruling.

When offered the scenario that has been reported that the leak came from the conservative side because someone is trying to pressure the five justices in the draft opinion not to change their vote, Cruz said, “I find that ludicrous, but if it’s the case, maybe you’ll win a Pulitzer for that.”

Ted Cruz doesn’t have any evidence to back up his claim but was sure to let America know that he isn’t a moron. If the leaker does turn out to be a conservative, Ted Cruz will look like a moron.

Sen. Cruz is running for president in 2024 and he seems to have found his campaign slogan.

Cruz 2024: Because I’m Not A Moron.

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