Home Entertainment Gentleman Jack Rekindles An Old Flame In ‘Tripe All Over The Place, Presumably’

Gentleman Jack Rekindles An Old Flame In ‘Tripe All Over The Place, Presumably’

Gentleman Jack Rekindles An Old Flame In ‘Tripe All Over The Place, Presumably’

“Tripe All Over The Place, Presumably” sets a few potential disasters in motion. But before things get bad, they actually go pretty damn well. Turns out Anne wasn’t kidding about her grand scheme to visit all the Walker relatives and change the narrative surrounding her and Ann — two gal pals who are definitely just roommates and nothing more! They make a whopping 13 house calls in a day and oddly, watching them finish each other’s sentences as they tell stories about their trek through the Alps seems to convince the cousins that their friendship is perfectly platonic. At the very least, everyone seems reasonably charmed and happy to see Ann in such good health. They boast about how well she’s doing but really, the results speak for themselves. It’s ridiculously sweet to watch her talk so animatedly and pause for Anne’s interjections — they’re delightfully in sync. Unfortunately, that seems to fade a bit when they jump into the carriage between visits. Anne is so distracted that she misses Ann’s cute wave. What a fiend.

Here’s one of the things on Anne’s mind: after buying into the hotel business earlier in the season, she now has an interest in railways. With a new line opening in Yorkshire, the folks of Halifax are getting nervous about their canal shares — Anne included. But could the railway present a new lucrative venture? Marian (Gemma Whelan) doesn’t think so. She heard tell of a cow that saw a train pass and in response … it exploded. The other Listers are varying degrees of mildly perturbed and very amused, but everyone agrees that Marian is probably being pranked. Personally, I hope this insane story is true and that an exploding cow epidemic becomes a major plot point going forward. (Sad for cows, but good for entertainment.)

Anne brings up the railway situation and its potential while chatting with one of the elder Walker men, who says “what we need is a man of vision and energy who can unite us all in one achievable plan … but where is he?” You can basically see the gears turning in her head and folks, it sounds like Anne is on the verge of bursting into a room full of men, putting them all in their place, and becoming the newest business leader in town. Sure enough, she sets off visiting offices, terrifying locals with her fast walk, and even takes a train ride with Ann, to scope things out up close.

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