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Here Are The 57 House Republicans Who Stood With Putin And Voted Against $40 Billion In Aid To Ukraine

The House passed $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, but 57 Republicans voted against it. Here are their names.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted the list:

The list contains the usual pro-Russia suspects of Boebert, Greene, Gaetz, Cawthorn, and Massie among others. The list also contains pro-Russia members of the House who have also been implicated in Trump’s coup like Jim Jordan and Scott Perry.

Before the vote, Speaker Pelosi described the cowardice that 57 House Republicans ended up supporting:

What I think is important for the American people to know is that what Putin has done is not only an act of brutality, it’s an act of cowardice.  Who but a coward would pretend he’s going to war and bomb a maternity hospital?  Who but a coward would have his soldiers resort to the cruelty of the rape of children or their parents in front of them, boys and girls?  Who but a coward would pile these children in trains and take them to Russia?

All of this would be a matter of coming to justice at some point.  But right now, we have to have it come to a conclusion that you don’t do that.  It’s outside of the circle of civilized human behavior.  Putin, coward.

Fifty-seven House Republicans refused to support democracy. Read the list, commit their names to memory, and even more importantly, pledge to do something to defeat the representatives in November.

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