TechnologyZendure’s 100W SuperTank Pro is just $160 at Wellbots

Zendure’s 100W SuperTank Pro is just $160 at Wellbots

One of the most powerful portable battery packs is cheaper than ever. You can get $70 off Zendure’s SuperTank Pro at Wellbots, which has a 26,800mAh capacity, up to 100W charging, and four USB-C ports. Normally $229.99, it costs just $159.99 with the offer code ZENVERGE used at checkout.

This battery pack may be overkill to some in terms of heft and price, but it could be the ideal travel charger for people who like to bring multiple devices on trips. Compared to its predecessor, which I put to the test here, the latest version brings several improvements. Notably, it can deliver its maximum 100W throughput while getting the maximum charging speeds with the other three ports. Also, its OLED display provides more info about how quickly your devices are charging.

Here are some interesting tidbits from our review: “The SuperTank Pro can put out enough wattage to power two 13-inch MacBook Pros while out and about and top off two smartphones at the same time. It can provide enough power to keep a phone going on its own for a week on the road.”

Zendure SuperTank Pro

The SuperTank Pro has a 26,800mAh / 96.48Wh capacity, which is the maximum that you can take on a commercial flight, per FAA rules. It features four USB-C ports, an info-dense OLED panel, and more.

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

At Amazon and Walmart, you can save $40 off the price of a new Nintendo Switch. This is the biggest discount we’ve seen at retailers, beating the usual $20 off that we tend to see regularly at Woot. For those who aren’t in the know, the Switch is so dang great, even after five years of being available on store shelves.

This deal gets you the standard, non-OLED Switch that includes two Joy-Con controllers and a dock that enables you to use the console with your television. This means that it’s also compatible with some must-have accessories, like Genki’s Covert Dock, which does the same work as Nintendo’s dock but in a more travel-friendly shape and size. Read our review of the Switch (but keep in mind that it was written before Nintendo released wave after wave of great games for the console).

Nintendo Switch (red and blue Joy-Cons)

The Nintendo Switch offers a 6.2-inch touchscreen, three play styles, and a Wi-Fi connection, thus enabling multiplayer gaming (with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription).

While we’re on the topic of the Nintendo Switch, a great game to grab for that system at a deal is Pokémon Legends Arceus. This is the latest mainline Pokémon title, and it’s available for $49.94 at Walmart and Amazon. This game (at least, until today) had maintained its regular $59.99 asking price, so it may be a good time to check it out if you’ve been waiting.

Pokémon Legends Arceus breathes new life into the game’s formula, with more exciting gameplay, new features, and a brand-new locale. For new and returning Pokémon fans alike, this game should deliver a good time. Read our review.

Pokémon Legends Arceus

A prequel to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokémon Legends Arceus has you exploring the large, standalone areas of the Hisui region in an effort to catch and study pokémon as you build out the region’s first-ever pokédex. It represents a fairly radical shift in the Pokémon formula.

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