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Ezra Miller Arrest Video Shows Actor Interacting Bizarrely With Cops, Claiming They Filmed Assault ‘For NFT Crypto Art’

Ezra Miller appeared to be aggressive and erratic while dealing with police officers amid their latest arrest in Hawaii, and now, body cam footage from the cops who responded to the scene has been released.

As we’ve been reporting, the star of The Flash was detained by police on the Big Island last month on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Now, police footage from that incident has been released to the public, and the actor can be seen interacting with officers in an unsettling manner.

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At one point, the 29-year-old film star can be seen being asked to leave a bar in order to speak with police officers outside. Once outside, Ezra — who is filming the incident with their cell phone camera and its bright flashlight turned on — turns to ask the cops about their names and badge numbers.

As Miller repeatedly asks multiple police officers about their badge numbers, the Hollywood star also responds to one officer who asks why they are filming. Bizarrely, Ezra — who claimed to have been assaulted in the lead-up to this interaction with the cops — said this in response:

“I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art.”

Uh… OK.

According to TMZ, the patron in the bar who called in the incident with Ezra claimed to cops that he was playing darts and “minding his own business” when the actor came up and spit on him. After some time, with Ezra in handcuffs, the star finally begins to understand that they are the one under arrest — but continues to claim they were the one actually assaulted in the bizarre incident.

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Later in the body cam footage, Ezra’s claims escalate, and they assert that their alleged attacker supposedly declared themselves to be a Nazi. As police are detaining Ezra and placing their personal belongings into a bag to take to the station, the actor also claims that one officer patting them down illicitly touched their penis. After the officer denies doing so, Ezra loudly begins to state that since they are non-binary, they wish to not be searched by a male officer.

Throughout the video, Miller also rants on to the police about their Fourth Amendment and Ninth Amendment rights as part of the U.S. Constitution.

You can view the recently-released body cam footage for yourself HERE.

Obviously, it’s been a very unsettling few months for Miller in Hawaii, with several high-profile legal run-ins as part of the tense time out in the island paradise.

We just hope they are receiving whatever emotional and psychological support they need through this challenging period.

[Image via Hawaii Police Department/WENN/Avalon]

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