ScienceWhirlpools: Facts, formation and survival tips

Whirlpools: Facts, formation and survival tips

Fast-flowing currents in oceans and rivers constantly change direction. Whirlpools are phenomena that form when water moving in two different directions comes into contact with each other and interact in an unusual way. They can’t continue to travel at the same speed and direction through each other, so they are forced to turn and swirl around each other. 

Depending on the volume of water and force of colliding waters, whirlpools can appear in different sizes. Some whirlpools form and disappear over a short period of time, while some water systems keep whirlpools for centuries, according to the Niagra Parks website. The larger and more dangerous whirlpools are called maelstroms. These hold the power to fatally engulf anyone who comes too close.

Whirlpool formation

How to survive a whirlpool

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