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Another Republican Attack Crashes And Burns As Biden Reaches Deal On Baby Formula Production

The US government has reached a deal with manufacturer Abbott to resume production at the baby formula factory linked to the national shortage.

The AP reported:

 Infant formula maker Abbott says it’s reached an agreement with U.S. health officials to restart production at its largest domestic factory, a key step toward easing a nationwide shortage tied to the plant’s shutdown earlier this year.

Abbott did not immediately detail the terms of the agreement reached with the Food and Drug Administration, which has been investigating safety problems at the Sturgis, Michigan, facility. The consent decree is a binding legal agreement between the company and the federal government.

After production resumes, Abbott has said it will take at least eight weeks to begin shipping new product to stores.

The Republican Racist Baby Formula Attack Crashes And Burns

Republicans have been using the baby formula shortage as a racist dog whistle by claiming that Biden is depriving white American babies of formula while providing formula to immigrant babies along the Southern border.

By the middle of summer, the baby formula shortage will be history, and Republicans will have to move on to another buzzword to spread their racism and division.

As Republicans try to use problems to fuel racial resentment, Joe Biden is making sure that the baby formula shortage is solved, and Republicans have lost another racist talking point before the midterm election.

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