TechnologyFortnite’s giant pink mech returns for its next live...

Fortnite’s giant pink mech returns for its next live event

We’re approaching the end of Fortnite’s latest season, and developer Epic is teasing the game’s next live event that will bring it to a close. It’s called “Collision,” and it will kick off on June 4th at 4PM ET; as with past live events, it’ll be a be there or miss it kind of experience. Epic says that players will be able to queue up for the event 30 minutes before it begins.

As for what will actually happen, that’s still a bit of a mystery, but it will clearly involve the giant pink mech that long-time players will remember from 2019. In the lead-up to the event, the mech can be seen in the game’s lobby screen, while a giant tower has been erected at the center of the map. In addition to witnessing the mayhem live, attending players will also get an exclusive in-game loading screen and music track.

Fortnite’s live events have become one of the game’s hallmarks and often signify a big change for the battle royale island. Past events have included an alien invasion, the island flipping itself over, and even a battle with a towering Galactus. In 2019, the entire island was sucked into a black hole and the game was subsequently down for days.

The game’s current war-themed season started in March and is most notable for introducing the now-permanent Zero Build mode to the game. As always, it has also been full of pop culture collaborations, including Coachella, Wu-Tang Clan, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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