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Ewan McGregor’s Stunt Double Knocked His Teeth Out In An Attack Of The Clones Fight

McGregor told the crowd that he’d been working on “Moulin Rouge” before the “Star Wars” shoot and that it had gone way over. He said there were literal bulldozers coming in to prep for “Star Wars,” and that his stunt double for both films was Nash Edgerton. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because this is Joel Edgerton‘s brother. The same Joel Edgerton who played (and is playing) Uncle Owen! McGregor said of Nash Edgerton, who is a filmmaker, actor, and director now:

“Nash came on to be my stunt double and he did amazing work. And there is a story that he told me — during this fight in the rain where he had to do a jump, a flip over the top of you [indicating Morrison], like an aerial move over the top, and I don’t do that kind of thing. [laughter] But he did, and his mom was there, visiting. She was sitting there over in the corner of the set, and when they did the flip, something went wrong and he hurt himself, and he broke his front teeth. And he looked over at his mom and he went, ‘Alright. I’m fine.’ And he gave a little signal to the stunt guy to take his mom away, because he didn’t want his mom to see that he’d really hurt himself.”

Yikes! McGregor says that Edgerton “has lovely teeth now,” but that is a huge deal. Stunt people break a whole lot of bones for us to be entertained. Frankly, I’m more worried about how much trouble his mom gave him after she found out what happened to him! 

Stay tuned all weekend for /Film’s coverage of “Star Wars” Celebration in Anaheim, California.

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