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More Confusion, More Questions Arise About The Possibility That Uvalde Police Officers Shot a Child

By now, every American that follows the news with even mild interest knows that there are deep and troubling problems surrounding the Uvalde police response to the gut-wrenching massacre at Robb Elementary school. After all, it is not normal to have police chiefs and first responders refusing – or at least delaying and hesitating – to assist in the investigation of the entire event, including the actions of the first responders.

There are questions as to whether or not an officer shot a child. There are very few hard facts regarding even how this might have been possible or when it occurred, but something does seem wrong and questions are being asked.

Yes, that statement would set off red flags because it would be assumed as a matter of course that all kids were shot by Ramos. And yet…

Here is the video, though it is extremely difficult to hear from an emotional standpoint.

It is very much worth asking what is going on.

Sadly, this country has been down this road all too many times. School shootings are part of our cultural landscape, sick as that is to write. But there are rarely questions in the aftermath regarding the police response. Yet, with Uvalde, there has been almost nothing but questions starting the very day after the shooting, upon hearing about parents being handcuffed and tackled while trying to get into the school.

The video above will do nothing but add further questions that demand answers.

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