EntertainmentThe Scariest Monsters In The Resident Evil Series Ranked

The Scariest Monsters In The Resident Evil Series Ranked

That’s right — it’s the return of Nemesis, the iconic video game character from “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.” But this time, he’s a bit … different.

Nemesis began life as Matt Addison — an environmental activist crusading against Umbrella in an attempt to expose its illegal genetic research. Disguised as a police officer, he infiltrated Raccoon City while searching for his sister, Lisa, who had disappeared. Searching the Arklay Mansion — the secret site of a hidden entrance to The Hive — he was captured and ultimately crossed paths with Alice, helping her escape the lockdown during “Resident Evil.”

Unfortunately, the pair were captured at the end of the film, with Matt inducted into the Nemesis program after he was exposed to the T-Virus by an infected Licker wound. Warped by the T-Virus as well as Umbrella’s experimentations, he became the first Nemesis — an augmented bioweapon with cybernetic implants that was controlled to obey every order from Umbrella.

The monster’s horrific visage is legendary, with exposed teeth and a highly mutated, though humanoid, form. Its relentless tracking is due to Umbrella Corporation’s programming, but the Nemesis also possesses superhuman strength, immunity to gunfire, as well as an impressive arsenal of a rail gun and rocket launcher. Because why not.

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