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Trucker Convoy Enraged After Being Tricked Out Of 100 Foot Subway Sub

The remainder of the trucker convoy faced another setback as they were promised a 100-foot-long Subway sub only to find out that it was a hoax.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast tweeted:

After driving in circles, peeing themselves, and getting lost, the Freedom Convoy disbanded, and what was left of them rebranded as the 1776 Restoration Movement. The bladder-challenged truckers are in Bunker Hill, WV, where they tried to hold a rally.

At the rally, a trucker claimed that the pandemic was really about the government trafficking children. (Yep, the last people left at the trucker party are Qanon).

These folks were very upset that there was no hundred-foot Subway sub,  which, being that there are only 20 people, would have been five feet of sub per person.

Most of the Freedom Convoy got tired of protesting the high price of gas by driving in circles and wasting gas, so they went home.

There was no 100-foot-sub. It was just another Antifa plot to trick the truckers into not bringing their own lunch.

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