PoliticsHuge Development As The 1/6 Committee Interviewed Trump's Secret...

Huge Development As The 1/6 Committee Interviewed Trump’s Secret Service Agents

The 1/6 Committee interviewed Trump’s Secret Service agents as part of the investigation into his effort to participate in the Capitol attack.

The 1/6 Committee Interviewed Trump’s Secret Service Agents

Politico reported:

The Jan. 6 select committee has interviewed the top Secret Service agent on then-President Donald Trump’s protective detail during the Capitol attack, according to three people familiar with the probe.


Engel isn’t the only Secret Service employee to speak with committee investigators. Two people who spoke with POLITICO about Engel’s interview said the panel has interviewed multiple agency personnel, in sessions that have taken hours. Some of those interviewed have been called back in for repeat questioning.

Trump Pressured The Secret Service To Let Him Go To The Capitol On 1/6 For Two Weeks

The Washington Post added, “The hectic events that day followed nearly two weeks of persistent pressure from Trump on the Secret Service to devise a plan for him to join his supporters on a march to the Capitol from the park near the White House where he was leading a rally that he predicted would be ‘wild.’”

Trump’s Motive On 1/6 Was Clear. He Wanted The Capitol Attacked.

The interviews of the Secret Service agents and the details that are emerging reveal that Donald Trump wanted to storm the Capitol. Trump wanted to physically go to the Capitol to stop the certification of the election.

Trump was trying to stop Biden from taking office, and he has been plotting to overthrow the government for a period of time.

It is damning information that undercuts every single excuse that Trump and Republicans have offered for the 1/6 attack.

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