PoliticsHearings Will Paint a Picture of Trump as Abandoned,...

Hearings Will Paint a Picture of Trump as Abandoned, Isolated, and Near-Solely Responsible

Mark Meadows’s texts submitted to the Select Committee proved invaluable in a myriad of ways, a critical component of which was the list of people clearly surprised and aghast at what they were watching on television. If someone texted early in the attack telling Meadows to get Trump to stop this immediately, one can probably safely presume that the frantic texter was outside any planning that went into the January 6th attempted coup. Given the many texts sent to Meadows, necessarily means that very few knew of any centralized plan, should one be proven to exist.

The dynamic sounds just like what we’ve heard through books describing the scene inside the White House, especially Only I Can Fix It: Donald Trump’s Final Catastrophic Year, by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, which described chaos throughout the room as Trump watched, thinking it was great, rewinding and watching parts. The country recently learned that at one point Trump mumbled that maybe Pence should be hung.

MSNBC regular contributor and all-around common-sense, sober analyst Dave Jolly, former Republican Congressman from Florida, says to expect the Committee to paint a picture of Trump as an isolated man, cut off by those who normally provide him the most direct support in the White House.

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Yes, that rings true.

For those who then wonder, “Well, who were the ones helping him?” Remember the two “war rooms” operating as a “Command Center” at the Willard Hotel. It might be worth asking, “Why would someone need a command center to pressure Mike Pence into possibly sending Electoral College votes back to the states?” (Navarro’s stated plan.) Command centers conjure up a battle, chaos, and centralized control of decentralized forces.

The Washington Post addressed the command center on October 23, 2021:

They were led by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani. Former chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon was an occasional presence as the effort’s senior political adviser. Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik was there as an investigator. Also present was John Eastman, the scholar, who outlined scenarios for denying Biden the presidency in an Oval Office meeting.

If there was a centralized plan that can be traced to Trump, it runs through that group and others. There were two rooms. There had to be more people there. We may soon learn why Trump sat alone in the White House – isolated from the relatively professional and competent White House staff, while a shadier team sat just two blocks away in “Command Centers.”

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