PoliticsFormer Chief Political Correspondent Blasts Fox News As Nonsense...

Former Chief Political Correspondent Blasts Fox News As Nonsense And A Farce

Former Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron called the network a farce that is broadcasting baloney and nonsense.


Carl Cameron told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

I mean, I didn’t watch. I have seen clips, and the only thing that they left out was Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, complete nonsense throughout and an example of a party or at least in this case journalists working with a party that just doesn’t have any ideas anymore. 

It’s really sad, and one of the things that I think really bears a lot of — a lot of investigation is the idea that the president and his allies at the white house in congress and elsewhere in the country had a seven-point plan to win and that they were somehow prepared to use some sort of a device to stop the election and keep him in office. That to me is absolutely mind-blowing, and to the extent that we’re going to see more of that coming forward, guys like Chris Stirewalt become pretty small. 

I will say that he was always a really, really tough political reporter on both sides and knows his stuff and he’s right. This is all baloney. It’s just — it is a shame that Fox that was once dominant in political news has become this farce. The 20 million people who saw this, Fox’s numbers were about 3 million, and that’s an average evening, so they missed the boat on the ratings that particular evening.

Cameron was correct. Fox News and the Republican Party believed that they would attract a massive number of viewers by not showing the hearing. They seemed to believe Trump’s BS about a “silent majority.”

The ratings revealed that there is no “silent majority.” There is the same very loud very small group of 3 million people who watch Fox News every night. Those people were never going to watch the hearings whether Fox showed them or not.

At one time, Fox News had a respected news operation, but those days are long gone. Fox is nothing more than a propaganda puppet for the Republican Party. The network is a farce, and it is going to go down with the Trump ship.

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