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Lawrence O’Donnell Nails Why Trump Listening To Drunk Rudy Giuliani Is Critical

Lawrence O’Donnell perfectly explained why Trump listening to drunk Rudy Giuliani on election night was important.

Video of O’Donnell:

O’Donnell said when asked why Trump listening to drunk Rudy is relevant:

It is as relevant as your condition when you’re driving a car. Here he is in a position of real responsibility and apparent trust by the President Of The United States in a crucial moment. If this was a Situation Room meeting, you would want to know who was drunk. And the answer is, zero. 

That’s what’s supposed to be. The White House breathalyzer is supposed to be zero in serious discussions. And in this year he turned out to be in what the beginning of this whole story turned out to be, is the inebriated bullshit story, because later, you get William Barr saying, all this stuff that Giuliani started was bullshit, which he says repeatedly. And you know that it began in inebriation, I think it’s really crucial, and it’s crucial for people out there to know.

It is telling that Trump did not want to hear from his campaign people or his data people. Donald Trump wanted to hear from his drunk buddy Rudy because Trump already had his mind made up. The former president had spent months on the campaign trail saying that the election was going to be stolen from him with mail-in ballots.

Trump planned the whole time to say that the election was stolen, and he knew Giuliani would have his back.

The fact that Trump took the advice of the drunk guy goes straight to the heart of his motive.

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