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10 Most Affordable Fort Worth Suburbs

Often called “Cowtown,” Fort Worth, TX, is a destination for locals and out-of-towners alike. From its legendary food scene, close proximity to Dallas, and easy access to all Texas has to offer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise nearly 1 million people are living in Fort Worth. As you start your homebuying journey, there are three things you should know – the housing market is very competitive, the median home sale price is $340,000, and the average rent price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Fort Worth is $1,775.

If that price doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t worry. We’ve collected the 10 most affordable Fort Worth suburbs to consider moving to. And the best part is that they’re all less than 60 minutes away from the city center. You’ll be close enough to explore all of Fort Worth’s best activities, without paying the price of city life.

#1: Sansom Park

Median home price: $145,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 15 minutes
Sansom Park, TX homes for sale
Sansom Park, TX apartments for rent

With a median home sale price of $145,000, Sansom Park claims the first spot on our list of affordable Fort Worth suburbs. About 15 minutes away from downtown Fort Worth, Sansom Park is home to roughly 5,600 residents. Living in Sansom Park, you can spend time exploring Marion Sansom Park or grab some great Mexican food at one of the local restaurants.

#2: White Settlement

Median home price: $231,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 15 minutes
White Settlement, TX homes for sale
White Settlement, TX apartments for rent

White Settlement takes second place on our list. The same distance from Fort Worth as Sansom Park, you’ll be visiting the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in no time. Living in White Settlement, make sure to spend the day at Splash Dayz waterpark. Home to 18,000 people, you can also check out the exhibits at the Texas Civil War Museum

#3: Wilmer

Median home price: $240,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 55 minutes
Wilmer, TX homes for sale
Wilmer, TX apartments for rent

Wilmer takes the third spot on our list, with a median home sale price of $240,000 and about a 55-minute drive away from Fort Worth. Even with a population of just about 4,700, there are plenty of cool areas to explore in Wilmer. If you find yourself moving here, make sure to check out Trinity River Greenbelt Goat Island Preserve. 

#4: Cleburne

Median home price: $246,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 35 minutes
Cleburne, TX homes for sale
Cleburne, TX apartments for rent

With home prices only $6K more expensive than Wilmer is the city of Cleburne. About 33,000 people live in this Fort Worth suburb, where you’ll find Gone with the Wind Museum and The Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum. Don’t miss checking out the John P. Bradshaw Park and nearby Cleburne Sports Complex for an afternoon in the sun.

bluebonnet fields in a texas suburb

#5: Blue Mound

Median home price: $250,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 15 minutes
Blue Mound, TX homes for sale
Blue Mound, TX apartments for rent

About a 15-minute drive into the city, consider adding Blue Mound to your list of Fort Worth suburbs to check out. Home to 2,500 residents, this affordable town can be a great choice for people looking to remain close to Fort Worth without paying the price for a home in the city. Living in Blue Mound, you’ll find Blue Mound Park and have easy access to all the attractions throughout the city of Fort Worth. 

#6: Haltom City

Median home price: $272,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 10 minutes
Haltom City, TX homes for sale
Haltom City, TX apartments for rent

Sixth on the list is another well-known Fort Worth suburb, Haltom City, where you’ll find the home prices are about $50K less than in Fort Worth. Home to roughly 43,000 people, Haltom City is a great suburb to consider buying a home in. With the DFW Elite Toy Museum and many local shops, you’ll have easy access to what makes this suburb unique. 

#7: Keene

Median home price: $278,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 35 minutes
Keene, TX homes for sale
Keene, TX apartments for rent

Claiming the seventh spot on our list of affordable Fort Worth suburbs is Keene, which is almost 35 minutes away from the heart of the city. With a population of close to 7,000, living in Keene is a great alternative to Fort Worth’s hustle and bustle. Don’t miss out on visiting Dinosaur Science Museum and Research Center once living here.

street view of affordable fort worth suburbs

#8: Watauga

Median home price: $297,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 15 minutes
Watauga, TX homes for sale
Watauga, TX apartments for rent

If you’ve been living in Fort Worth for some time, you probably know the suburb of Watauga. About 25,000 people reside in Watauga, so you’ll have a fraction of Fort Worth’s population while remaining close to the city and its attractions. Once moving to Watauga make sure to fish or enjoy the lakefront views at Capp Smith Park. 

#9: Ferris

Median home price: $306,000
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 60 minutes
Ferris, TX homes for sale
Ferris, TX apartments for rent

Ferris is a great place to consider living in that will get you access to downtown Fort Worth in just about an hour. Only 3,500 people live in this suburb, but there’s always a local business to support in Ferris. Attractions in Ferris include exploring Old Brickyard Golf Club and picnicking at Mutz Park. 

#10: Azle

Median home price: $313,250
Driving distance from Fort Worth: 30 minutes
Azle, TX homes for sale
Azle, TX apartments for rent

Rounding out our list of affordable Fort Worth suburbs is Azle. If you’re lucky to avoid traffic, it’ll only take about 30 minutes to drive into Fort Worth. This suburb has a population of 13,500 and is home to Central Park, Azle Historical Museum, and Azle Antique Mall. There’s plenty to do on an afternoon or weekend while living in this charming town.


Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Fort Worth and under a 60-minute drive from downtown Fort Worth. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during April 2022. Average rental data from May 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.

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