TechnologyUncharted will be streaming on Netflix in July

Uncharted will be streaming on Netflix in July

Uncharted, the movie where Tom Holland recreated some of the PlayStation series’ iconic scenes, will be coming to Netflix on July 15th for US customers, according to What’s on Netflix. While apparently many people have already seen the film (it reportedly made over $400 million during its theater run), this will be its streaming debut.

If you’re trying to decide whether to add it to your summer watchlist, I recommend reading my colleague’s excellent review to see how it holds up as a movie (spoiler: about as well as those ancient buildings Nathan Drake is always destroying). I’ll also add that, as a longtime Uncharted fan, it definitely didn’t feel essential for the series, but my wife and friend who’ve never played any of the games thoroughly enjoyed it. Your mileage may vary, is what I’m saying.

Uncharted is making its way to Netflix thanks to a deal Sony Pictures made with the streaming service last year. Netflix lost the opportunity to have the streaming debut of a number of theatrical releases after Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. all announced the films they produce would primarily debut on their own streaming services (Disney Plus, Peacock, and HBO Max, respectively.) Sony was one of the major film companies left, and it agreed to shuffle a lot of its movies onto the platform after their theatrical run. The deal also includes Morbius, a film that flopped at the box office and was brought back to theaters by relentless memeing only to flop again. I’m sure Netflix is very excited for it to be morbin’ time (because it doesn’t have enough problems to deal with right now).

Despite the deal and Uncharted’s imminent arrival, Netflix isn’t going to be the exclusive home for the slate of upcoming movies and shows based on PlayStation properties. While Sony’s working on a Horizon Zero Dawn show with Netflix, Twisted Metal’s adaptation will be on Peacock, and The Last of Us is coming to HBO.

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