EntertainmentWhy Susan Sarandon's Bull Durham Performance Scarred Her Children

Why Susan Sarandon’s Bull Durham Performance Scarred Her Children

Susan Sarandon said after she got her daughter Ava’s response to her performance in “Bull Durham,” she turned to her son Jack. Recalling his reaction at the 2020 Q&A, Sarandon mimicked a horrified expression and gesture he apparently gave in response to the performance. She then turned to her youngest, Miles. “I said, ‘Well what did you think Miles?’ He said, ‘I thought it was great, mom. But scarring.'”

It’s natural for kids at some point in their childhood to wonder how their parents met, and Sarandon’s children had the one thing most didn’t: a feature film to help put the pieces together for them. For Miles, an adjective like sweet or adorable would have been a fitting response … if we were talking about the “Titanic,” or “The Notebook.” But we’re talking about “Bull Durham,” and I bet it was scarring –- and hilarious –- for a pair of adolescent boys to watch their mom play a dominatrix in a comedy film where their dad serves as her boy toy.

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