PoliticsJohn Oliver Exposes Trump Coup Warriors Who Plan To...

John Oliver Exposes Trump Coup Warriors Who Plan To Steal 2024

John Oliver shined a light on the Trump-supporting election deniers who are running for secretary of state positions around the country.


Oliver profiled three of the election denying Trump-supporting secretary of state candidates and said, “These are just three of the worrying secretary of state candidates. There are many many others which should frankly give everyone pause because the January 6th Committee is reminding everyone just how close we came to democracy basically collapsing. It was a handful of people in the right positions choosing to do the right thing that saved us from a constitutional crisis, but there are multiple candidates running for consequential positions right now on the platform of basically let’s do the coup again but better next time.”

Many of the coup-supporting Trump candidates for secretary of state won’t win, but it would not take many victories for the coup supporters to possibly collapse the presidential election system in the United States.

Secretary of State is always one of those elections that most voters don’t know or care much about, but 2022 is different. Voters need to know who the America First candidates are and vote against them.

Many of them are in red states. A few of them have already lost their primaries, but enough of them are winning and advancing to November’s general election, where if they are victorious, Trump’s coup warriors installed in Secretary of State positions pose a real threat to democracy.

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