TechnologyGeneral Motors is using AI to speed up the...

General Motors is using AI to speed up the vehicle inspection process

General Motors is bringing artificial intelligence into the vehicle inspection process.

The automaker is making an undisclosed “strategic investment” in Israeli startup UVeye, which makes vehicle diagnostic systems that use sensors and AI to quickly identify damaged parts or maintenance issues. The investment in UVeye was made by GM Ventures, the automaker’s venture fund, which also has investments in a variety of other AI-themed startups.

As part of the collaboration, GM will sell UVeye’s technology to its dealer network to upgrade their vehicle inspection systems. (The company’s systems are already being trialed at a small number of GM dealerships across the country.) GM will also work with UVeye on a variety of vehicle inspection technology projects involving used car auctions, fleet operations, and automotive dealership sales.

Based on images and videos provided by the company, UVeye’s technology looks like an airport body scanner for your car. The car drives through the scanner with illuminated lights on the inside and, within minutes, service providers have a detailed report about everything that’s wrong with your car down to the tire pressure.

UVeye’s system uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-definition cameras to “quickly and accurately” check tires and the vehicle’s underbody and exterior for defects, missing parts, and other safety-related issues.

GM says that UVeye’s tech will be made available to 4,000 dealerships across the country. Earlier this year, the Israeli company made a deal with a major automotive retail management system used by over 15,000 dealers in the US.

GM isn’t alone in seeing potential in UVeye’s high-tech inspection system. Last year, the startup closed $60 million in series C funding from a group of investors led by CarMax, W.R. Berkley Corporation, and F.I.T. Ventures.

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