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Matt Gaetz’s ‘Any & All Things’ Pardon Pleas Revealed – And Twitter Is Living For It!

OMG, these January 6 committee hearings are turning out to be the political equivalent of digging for gold and accidentally striking oil.

Everything is being brought to light surrounding Donald Trump and his role in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election. And that includes the behavior of the sketchy characters who’ve been toadying for him all this time.

We’re of course speaking this time of Matt Gaetz, who frankly has far bigger problems to worry about than getting caught trying to thwart our democracy. We mean, legally anyway.

The Florida congressman is currently facing down potential underage sex trafficking charges after allegedly paying for sex with a 17-year-old (at one of many sex parties populated by young girls) and then taking her across state lines. Just the evidence we’ve heard about is bad enough, but his pal Joel Greenberg just keeps getting his sentencing delayed — something experts think is a sign is he’s cooperating with prosecutors to build their case against associates. It doesn’t help Gaetz’s standing in the court of public opinion that he hired one of Jeffrey Epstein‘s lawyers. Yeesh.

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OK, so what does this have to do with January 6?? Well, on Thursday the committee was hearing from Trump White House insiders about members of congress who allegedly asked for pardons for their part in helping Trump overturn the election.

However, Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified to the committee on Thursday that Gaetz had actually been reaching out to the White House for a last-minute pardon before Trump lost power since back in December of 2020 — before January 6 even happened! And he was looking for a broader sort of immunity.

Former White House senior adviser Eric Herschmann corroborated the claim, saying the “general tone” of Gaetz’s request was about the election, very, “We may get prosecuted because we were defensive of, you know, the president’s positions on these things.”

But Herschmann explained the pardon Gaetz was actually asking for would have covered crimes that had nothing to do with insurrection!

“The pardon that he was discussing, requesting, was as broad as you could describe, from… I remember he said, ‘from the beginning of time up until today, for any and all things.’”

Ha! OMG, he just wanted a pardon for EVERYTHING EVER! And yes, that would include underage sex trafficking.

Take a look at the various testimony against Gaetz (below)!

Seemingly responding to the testimony, Gaetz took to Twitter on Thursday, blasting the committee and implying he was facing political persecution:

“The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional political sideshow. It is rapidly losing the interest of the American people and now resorts to siccing federal law enforcement on political opponents.”

Seeing through the complaint, various Twitter politicos couldn’t help but respond:


[Image via MEGA/WENN/January 6 Committee/Twitter.]

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