EntertainmentThe Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: A Kugel-What-Now?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: A Kugel-What-Now?

Basically, yes … we think. The Hotel, it turns out, is protected by an otherworldly defender: a samurai tasked with keeping out those who want to reset the universe. Yup, they have to take on an interdimensional warrior. But as each group encounters a different samurai, it turns out the Hotel isn’t quite what it seems, its shifting corridors not quite obeying the laws of time and space.

It’s not long before the samurai are bested, and with the return of Klaus (and a spectral Luther), Five works out that the sigils are a collection of stars on the lobby floor. There are 7 of them — a hint towards their father’s original motives, perhaps? Five, Klaus, Viktor, Sloane, Ben, Diego, and Lila take their positions, and as the walls of the Hotel Oblivion begin to strip away, we find that the hotel is actually an interdimensional machine with Sir Reginald at the helm. And it’s draining the life force of his children to power itself.

It’s a sacrifice he is willing to make, and perhaps even planned for the entire time. But Allison won’t go along with it, attacking and killing Sir Reginald before hitting a big red button on the machine. That’s when everything goes black. 

Allison awakes in a taxi, getting out at her house, and going upstairs to find her daughter, Claire, asleep in her bed. It’s an emotional moment; she’s been mourning the loss of her daughter the entire season. But then the unexpected happens: her husband Ray appears at the bedroom door. Yep, the Ray she met in the 1960s who has nothing at all to do with Claire. And it gets weirder.

The rest of the gang steps out of an elevator into a park into the Obsidian Memorial Plaza, donated by Reginald Hargreeves on October 1, 1989.The camera zooms out to reveal Sir Reg is watching it all from a skyscraper — a Hargreeves International skyscraper, with other Hargreeves companies dominating the skyline. Stood next to him is his wife, Abigail, now definitely, 100% alive.

What does it all mean? I don’t even know where to start…

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