PoliticsRick Scott Compares Trump Raid To Nazis As GOP...

Rick Scott Compares Trump Raid To Nazis As GOP Finds New Way To Lose Votes

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) compared the FBI raid of Trump’s private club to the Nazis, as Republicans are finding new ways to offend voters.

Video of Scott on Fox Business:

Scott said, “You never hear of anyone fired. You never hear of anyone demoted, anything happening to any of these people who do the wrong thing. This should scare the living daylights out of American citizens and say we have got to change our federal government. The way our federal government has gone it’s like what we thought about the Gestapo and people like that.”

Republicans are this close to comparing Donald Trump to Anne Frank, and at this point, it would not be a surprise if they did it.

The idea that a corrupt former president was raided by law enforcement who followed the letter of the law is like the Nazis is sickening. It is as if Rick Scott was trying to think of a way to offend as many voters as possible.

Republicans being held accountable for their crimes is nothing like fascism.

The idea that federal law enforcement should become a personal police force, which is what Scott suggested when he floated changing the federal government is fascism.

Fascism is also taking away the right of the majority of American citizens to control their bodies and make their own healthcare decisions. 

Rick Scott’s party has much more in common with the fascists than the FBI.

Republicans are responding to the Trump raid by melting down and finding new ways to repel voters and make sure that they won’t vote for GOP candidates in November.

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