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John Oliver Rips The Mask Off Of Sarah Palin Grifting House Run

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver said that Sarah Palin is a grifter who doesn’t belong in Congress.


After calling Palin a grifter, Oliver showed what she was really up to by playing one of her videos and saying, “That seems to be an ad for both her campaign and her Cameo with the caption even reading, don’t forget Father’s Day orders for your loved ones, which is a spectacular racket since she is essentially saying don’t forget to pay me to brainwash your dad.

Oliver revealed that Palin made over $200,000 from Cameo last year by charging $199 per video.

John Oliver concluded the segment by saying, “Will Alaskans fall for Sarah Palin’s bullsh*t? Maybe. They’ve clearly done so in the past, but I really hope that they don’t this time because frankly, the only conceivable step down from Don Young would be Sarah Palin, who, like a walrus’s penis, is a fun Alaskan novelty, but one who has no business being in Congress.

Sarah Palin has made it clear that she is running for Congress to make money. She didn’t campaign much in Alaska and blew off candidate forums.

Alaskans were burned by Palin, who quit on them as governor and tried to go Hollywood. Now that she needs a new con, she is trying to run for the state’s only US House seat. Whether they elect a Republican or a Democrat to fill the seat, Alaskans deserve better than the Wasilla con artist who wants to make a quick buck.

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